20 Hot and Profitable Writing Areas

When I started writing, I just wrote any gig that came my way. I just had the mindset of writing anything as long as money is involved. As growing writers, we try to work on any writing gigs that come our way. After all, we are doing it for the money. After doing different gigs, we realize that at some point, we lose interest in some areas. Why is this so? We lose interest in some gigs because we have no interest in the niches they fall into.

As writers, we often want to write something we are interested in and make a very profitable amount from it. This is why it is important for new and upcoming writers to know the hot and profitable areas in writing and pick an area or more according to their interests.

Why Should I Have A Niche as A Writer

Oftentimes, I get this question, ‘why should I have a niche as a writer?’ Numerous new writers are confused on why niching down is essential in writing, and they really want to know why they have to get a niche. Here are a few reasons you should have a niche as a writer:

1. It Helps You Build Authority Around an Industry

As a writer, building authority is one critical thing to do. You have to be known for one or two things you write that bring value. Having a niche shows potential clients that you have authority in your industry and how to reach out to you. 

2. It Helps You Get Quality Referrals

A friend of mine got a job recently as a content writer in a digital marketing company. He got it because he was referred by someone who knows that he was a skilled content writer in digital marketing. Knowing your niche helps you in getting referrals for profitable gigs related to your niche.

3. It Boosts Your Self-esteem

Understanding that you have an area in writing that you can write so confidently and skillfully without mistakes helps in boosting your self-esteem. It makes you confidently write any content related to that niche or industry.

4. It Helps You ‘Live the Life’

Nowadays, there are a lot of hot and profitable writing areas that help you live the life you have always dreamed of. Niching down to the profitable areas in writing helps you foot your bills without stress and enjoy the baby girl/boy life that you have always long for.

Here are the 20 Hot and Profitable Writing Areas in 2022 you should know

Numerous times, we have heard motivational speakers say that we should not work for the money, but we should work because we love it. This is true, but in the end, as writers who have bills to pay, we all want to make a lot of money, right?  To make a lot of money while doing what we love, our team of experts at digital solutions edge made a research and discovered 20 profitable areas in writing, where you can make a lot of money. These areas are:

1. Social Media Writing

Countless businesses and start-ups find it difficult to gain engagements on social media. As a result, the rate at which business owners search for social media content writers increases daily. As a social media content writer, you have to be skilled in creating content that will capture the attention of the target audience. Social media content writing is a very profitable writing area that pays an average of $47,000 annually to experienced and skilled workers.

2. Article Writing

Article writing is another important and profitable area of writing. It is a branch of writing that can be used to cover different areas using different platforms. Articles are mostly written in magazines, blogs, and some social media posts. It is very profitable because it covers numerous profitable areas in the economy like travel, SaaS, Finance, wellness, tech Blockchain e.t.c. An article writer in the US earns an average of over $34000 annually.

3. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is one of the most profitable areas of writing. This is because ghostwriting occurs when your work or piece of writing is credited to another person. The person gaining credit for your work can either be a blogger, a book writer or a researcher. As a ghostwriter, you get to write articles, research papers, books, or any form of writing depending on your level of expertise. Ghostwriting is very profitable because someone is taking credit for your brain child, so you have to charge the person as high as you know you’re worth. A ghostwriter in the US earns an average of $56000 monthly.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is an area of writing that deals with using words to trigger people’s emotions to make sales. Copywriting is a vital aspect of writing because its major aim is marketing. A copywriter helps business owners gain customers through the power of words. Due to its influence in marketing, copywriting is a very profitable niche of writing to focus on. A copywriter in the US earns a median salary of $54000 annually.

5. Long Blog Posts or Ultimate Guides Writing

A ghostwriter or an article writer can write long blog posts and ultimate guide writings. An ultimate guide is a long article that thoroughly explains or guides one on, how to use an appliance or software, how to do something, e.t.c.
The pay for ultimate guide writing is always impressive and profitable.

6. E-Book Writing

The world is evolving, and numerous things have changed from what it used to be. Nowadays, numerous people go about their day-to-day lives on the digital device – phones, computers, laptops and so on. Due to this, numerous people do not go about carrying hardcover books anywhere they go. This brought about the creation of e-books. E-Books also known as electronic books are digital books with infographics, pictures and every other thing in a hard copy book. The e-book market is very profitable and has a global net worth of Over $18,000. It is one of the most profitable writing areas globally.

7. White Paper Writing

White paper writings are writings that explain a topic in detail. White papers are mostly written by companies who want to give their audience a detailed explanation on a subject, the problems, and possible solutions to the problems. A white paper writing is usually long and requires a lot of expertise. Writing white papers is very profitable and can help you pay the bills and live comfortably. According to research, skilled white paper writers earn an average of $2,000 to $10,000 per project.

8. Case Study Writing

Often mistaken to be white paper writing, case study writing or analysis is a well detailed form of writing that explains to prospects, or clients how a product is used and also gives other customers review on the product. It is an interview type of writing that gathers what people feel about your product as a type of advertisement. Unlike white paper writing, case study analysis requires a lot of research. It is a very profitable niche of writing, and a skilled case study writer earns about $500 to $1500 per project

9. Email Writing

Email writing is the type of writing used in email marketing. The goal of this type of writing is to keep customers aware of a particular product. Email writing helps to enlighten a group of people about a product, course e.t.c and how to go about it. Email writing can either be in the form of newsletters or email copy. An average company needs an email writer/ copywriter to increase its conversion rates. This makes email writing a very profitable niche for a skilled writer.

10. Sales Pages or Landing Pages Writing

A landing page is a page on your website that a prospect lands on immediately after getting your link from a newsletter, social media or any platform. This landing page helps you collect necessary information about a prospect. A landing page is also where a business sales copy stays. Business owners all over the world need writers for their landing pages. This makes the business of writing or making landing pages copy very profitable as a writer. A skilled landing page writer earns about $1000 to $5000 depending on the complexity of the task.

11. Video/Audio Script Writing

Script writing is also a very profitable area of writing. It is an area of writing that deals with providing a detailed outline on how a video, or an audio should go. Filmmakers, podcast owners, marketing departments, e.t.c. needs an excellent script to do their work well. If you are someone who has a passion for story telling or narrating an event, you can consider script writing. Due to its effect on other businesses, script writing is a very profitable niche. A skilled scriptwriter in WGA earns about $70,000-$10,000 annually

12. E-learning Course Writing

Online or e-learning courses curriculum writing is another profitable writing niche that can fetch a lot of money if leveraged wisely. E-learning courses are digital courses that train a certain group of people on how to improve skills, be a better person, e.t.c If you are a teacher or someone who likes to impact value on others, you can focus on this niche of writing. The global e-learning market is worth over $200,000. That is huge, and it shows how profitable that niche is.

13. Career Writing (CV or Cover Letter Writing)

Career writing is another lucrative area of writing. Career writing is a type of writing that helps job seekers create a résumé that catches the attention of the company’s HR. Career writers can either be CV writers or a cover letter writer. Infact, one can go into the career writing niche, writing both cover letters and CV’s for people.

14. Technical Writing

Technical writing is a style of writing used to write about a complex subject that needs clarification. This type of writing is used to provide technical information, documenting complex processes, writing product guides or writing reports. A technical writer is someone who can explain a technical subject to the understanding of a nine years old. To be a technical writer, you have to have excellent communication skills. The technical writing niche is a very broad and profitable niche as companies require writers who can write their product manual, technical reports, e.t.c. A skilled technical writer has an average income of over $40,000 annually

15. Academic Writing ( Statement of Purpose, Academic Research, Term Papers)

Academic writing is a type of writing used in universities. It is also a type of writing used to write scholarly publications. To write academic pieces, one has to be very knowledgeable and detailed. It is a very lucrative niche of writing.

16. Business Writing

Business writing is the style of writing that involves writing communication between the clients, companies, supervisors, colleges, the government e.t.c. It is written to enable or ensure the growth of a business. As a business writer, you will need to have excellent communication and research skills to pass your messages correctly. Business writing is very profitable as almost all businesses need someone to write their business plans, grant letters or business feasibility study.

17. Recipe Writing

Recipe writing is one of the types of writing that helps you write freely. Writing recipes does not require a lot of technicality or complexity. All you have to do is thoroughly do your research on a food recipe and write down the step to step method used in making the food. As a blogger or any type of writer, writing recipes can be a side hustle for you if you love to cook. It is a very lucrative niche as numerous people are looking for a step to step guide that can strengthen their cooking skills.

18. Medical/Health Writing

Medical writing is a type of writing that explains the complex issues involving health issues or medical terms to an average reader. To be a medical or health writer, you have to be knowledgeable in different or specific medical areas. If you are a medical personnel looking for a profitable writing niche to leverage, medical, or health writing can be one of the best niches to leverage in.

19. Speech Writing

A speech is a written to be presented or read to an audience. Public speakers, organization heads, State heads, Nation heads, e.t.c. all need the service of a speechwriter. Speech writing is a very lucrative niche when leveraged properly.

20. Report Writing

Report writing is a type of writing that gives a summarized account of a particular topic or issue. A report writer is expected to have excellent research and communication skills to write a good report. If you have a passion for making research and summarizing events, then you should really go into report writing because it is a very profitable niche of writing that can help pay your bills.

Final Words

As a newbie writer, writing might prove very tasking and tiring. This is because you have not gotten a niche that spikes your interest and makes it easy for you to write. Trying all these areas of writing is a good idea to find your needs. Though it takes time, constantly searching for your niche helps your writing journey. Once you have found your niche, you have to study consistently in that niche to be a professional and earn enough to pay your bills. Remember, there is no niche you can not be a professional in, you just have to have interest in it and study consistently.

Are you experiencing issues with scaling in your niche of writing? Do you need someone who can guide you and help you build that profitable career in writing? Then you are at the right place. Here at Digital Solutions Edge, we give solutions to your digital problems, be it writing or any type of digital problems. Contact us for more information.

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