How to Write and Launch A Book Profitably

Writing a book is a very profitable area in today’s world. It is a business that can bring you a daily income for years. Your level of experience and expertise does not matter. All you need to have are ideas that can impact people and keep them turning pages. 

As writers, we are filled with numerous ideas we need to write a book that can impact and add value to the lives of others. Despite the number of benefits that come with writing a book, countless aspiring authors end up writing a book and dumping it halfway. To avoid this, it is important to know the necessary steps that explains how to write and launch a book profitably.

Why Should I Write A Book

Oftentimes, writers tend to ask these questions, “why should I write a book?” “Why should I launch a book?” There are numerous reasons why you should have a published book as a writer. All you have to do is to silence that voice in your head that says you do not have anything to write. I have seen numerous skilled writers who shy away from writing a book because they think there are no reasons for them to be an author. 

There are one thousand and one reasons that can motivate you to have a published book. Our team of experienced authors at digital solutions edge made research in addition to their experiences and found a few reasons you need to know to write and launch a book.

1. Writing A Book Helps You Discover Yourself

There is no way you can write a book without igniting a passion in you. That is why it is always recommended that you write a book in a niche you feel so comfortable writing.

This way, you write with every passion that helps you search your inner self. This helps you connect with yourself better and discover new things about yourself.

2. Writing A Book Gives Your Morale A Boost

As a writer, you get that professional boost in your morale whenever you launch your book. Becoming a published author is a massive milestone that increases your self-confidence greatly.

3. It Helps You Pass Value To Numerous People

Writing a book helps you pass valuable information to numerous people using one medium. This way, you impact lives and share what you know about a particular topic to many people.

4. It Helps You Earn A Profitable Amount of Money

Having quality information in your head will not help you pay the bills. That is why, as writers, it is advisable for you to commit this valuable information into a book. By writing and launching a book, you can earn a lot while impacting lives.

5. It Helps You Become More Productive

Whenever you set your mind to writing a book, it helps you conquer unproductivity. Launching a book helps you defeat procrastination and all other things that make you unproductive as a writer. Becoming a published writer helps you tackle challenges head on and takes you out of your comfort zone.

6. You Will Become Open To Knowledge

Writing a book helps you unlearn, learn and relearn new things. It is a great avenue for you to educate yourself on a broad range of subjects.
Writing a book helps you research more on a subject. This helps you become a professional in that subject.

How to Write A Book In 2022

Writing a book is a massive feat for a first-time author. It takes more than just having a great idea to write a book. First time authors have to be dedicated and committed to be able to write a profitable book. Hey, you do not have to worry because I called it a massive feat. Renowned authors in the world were once like you, and if they overcame this feat, you can too.
To write a book successfully, you have to break the gigantic process into little steps, so you can achieve your purpose easily. Our group of experienced authors came up with tested and trusted guides that have helped them write their books successfully. Here are a few tips on how to write a profitable book:

1. Set Writing Goals

One vital step to take before starting anything is to set goals. Before you start writing your book, set SMART goals. SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based. SMART goals make you determined and help you to develop an efficient working habit. Instead of saying “I will write a book”, your goal should be like this: “I will write a book in two months. To achieve this, I have to write 3 pages in two hours every day.” By doing this, you are one step into being an author.

2. Get A Mentor

Before you start writing your book, it is advisable you get a mentor or a published author whose work you admire. The purpose of doing this is to have someone who can advise you and put you through on your writing journey.

3. Begin With A Creative Book Idea

You cannot write a book without an idea. Even if you have an idea, you have to be creative about it. To become creative about an idea, there are things you need to do. You have to interact with people that need your idea to solve their problem. That will make you know how your idea can solve their problem. To get this, you can make use of questionnaires or polls.

If you are writing a fictional story, getting used to your story settings can help you tell the story better. For instance, if your story setting is in a rural area, and you haven’t been there before, it is advisable for you to go there and see what a rural area is like.
Doing these enhances your creativity and shows the power of storytelling.

4. Choose A Profitable writing Niche

One major goal for writing a book is to make money. Choosing a profitable writing niche increases your chances of earning more. Selecting a profitable writing niche helps you to be able to pay your bills while doing what you love. I have written an article that shows you why it is important to choose a profitable writing niche.

5. Create Your Book outline and an Achievable Routine

Creating a book outline helps in breaking the book into achievable pieces. An outline helps you write a whole book in bits. Creating an outline also keeps you from writing out of the box. It also helps you in having an achievable book routine.

6. Make Proper Research

After creating your outline, you know the exact idea you want to write about and how you would like to write about this idea. The next step for you is to do intensive research about this idea.
This way, you can write a valuable book that can impact the lives of your readers. Doing proper research might include watching YouTube videos or reading related books.

7. Make Use of Proper Writing Tools

A friend of mine lost his book draft of almost 25 thousand words recently. He lost his laptop and could not get it back. Imagine the loss and pain that comes with losing 25k words and having to start all over. To avoid situations like this, use writing apps that backup your writing automatically. With these apps, you can get your drafts without issues. I recommend Google Docs.
Writing with proper writing tools helps you write faster and better

8. Start Writing Your First Draft

After putting the above steps into consideration, you have to start writing your book. This stage is called the first draft. In this stage, you do not have to worry about the grammar, punctuations, or even word count. All you have to do is to pour your heart out into writing extensively about the topic.

9. Keep Your Readers in Mind While Writing

It is important to keep your readers in mind while writing. To accomplish this, you have to constantly ask yourself why you are writing the book and if what you are writing is what your target audience would love to see. Putting your audience first helps you know the scenes and vocabulary that will make reading fun for them.

10. Get an Intriguing Title for Your Book

Although there are no rules to whether you come up with a title at the beginning or not, it is advisable to get your title after finishing your final draft. 

This is because at the end of the final draft, you get more exposed to the topic you are writing on. This helps in choosing a topic that gets your readers and editors intrigued.

11. You Need The Help of A Professional Editor To Edit Your Book

After you have written your first, second, and if necessary third draft, the next step to take is to get a professional editor to edit your book. A professional editor helps you proofread and make necessary changes that might not occur to you while writing. Having a professional editor read your book makes your book ready for launch.

How To Launch A Book Profitably

After writing and publishing a book, it is necessary to launch the new book for sale. Launching a book helps to give it all the publicity that it needs. Knowing how to launch a book profitably is an asset all published authors must have. To have a successful book launch, there are a few steps you need to put in consideration. These steps are:

1. Establish A Launch Team

Launching a book is an exercise that requires in depth planning. To plan your launch, it is essential for you to create a launch team. A book launch team is a group of people whose goal is the massive success of your book launch and your book.

These people are passionate about your success and will do everything to make your book launch successful

2. Set An Achievable Budget For Your book launch

A book launch, like any other form of investment, is a risk. Despite being an avenue that brings your book into the limelight, it has no fixed percentage of success. Whenever you are planning your book launch, it is important to make the budget revolve around your current financial status. This helps to avoid critical financial issues that may occur before, during, and after the launch.

3. Decide on Your Type of Launch

This stage is dependent on your financial capability. It is essential to state the type of launch from the early stage of planning. A public launch tends to be more expensive than a launch based strictly on invitations.

4. Choose A Location That Suits The Book You Are Launching

Choosing a location that suits the book you are launching is optional, but it helps your invited guests relate well with your book. In this stage, it is critical to consider the content of your book before selecting a venue. For instance, it is best to launch an academic book in an academic environment.

5. Get Reviews from Your Team Members

Another benefit of having a book launch team is for reviews. This group of people reads the book before the launch, and drops splendid but honest reviews about your book. These reviews help in getting your invited guests and prospective readers interested in your book.

6. Promote The Event on Social Media

Social media is a home for numerous people in this age. Promoting your book launch on social media makes numerous people aware of the event. Asides the book launch, promoting your book on social media helps a lot in your book marketing.

7. Come Up with A Nice Agenda for The Event

It is vital to have a well-planned agenda for your launch. This agenda helps to keep your invited guests engaged. It should also show the value and impact your book has to offer. 

A book launch agenda should be mixed with fun, business, and promotion in order to give the guests an equal value for their time.

8. Choose A Convenient Time for Your Launch

It is crucial to schedule your book launch at a time that is convenient for your guests and also for the purpose of your book. If your book is an academic material and your guests are professors or students, it is not advisable to schedule a book review during school sessions. Your guests might be occupied with school work and might not be able to attend.

This goes for other types of writing. Schedule your book launch at a time that’s convenient for your audience.

Final words

Being a published author is one way to make wealth in 2022. Knowing how to write a book successfully is something every aspiring author must know. After completing a book, it is also essential to launch it in a way that wades off losses, but brings profits to you.
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