Automating your business is one of the very important aspects of a business in 2022. Finding the right automation software that suits your line of business can be very stressful. 

For the growth of your business, you need an automation software that helps you in generating and converting leads. That’s why Marketo is here. This article is a guideline on how Marketo works in 2022.

What is marketo?

Marketo is a Software As A Service(SaaS), owned by Adobe, that helps businesses in generating leads and converting them into potential customers. It is particularly designed with the aim of helping marketers have easy access to the business marketing automation processes. Marketo helps businesses in measuring workflows and tasks.

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Marketo works on a lot of digital platforms. This helps the marketing automation tool generate leads, automate marketing ideas and generate sales for B2B  and B2C marketers.  With Marketo, B2B and B2C marketers have the access to target potential leads, nurture them, convert them to customers and it also allows automated digital campaigns among major digital channels.

Marketo’s Marketing feature.

Marketo is focused on generating leads for your business, therefore, there have to be basic features that help in analyzing your clients and also improving your business visibility. Here are few of its features

  • Lead nurturing:

Marketo helps in developing relationships with clients at every stage of the business. Lead nurturing is important as it helps B2B marketers develop a long lasting relationship with either their potential customers or their current customers. 

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Marketo helps in achieving a successful lead nurturing process. This way, it focuses marketing on communicating with customers, listening to their needs and providing them with relevant information that enhances their trust in the product. It also helps in follow up of potential leads which might turn them into customers.

  • Lead scoring:

Lead scoring helps you make use of every lead that enters your network. With lead scoring, you can determine your clients level of interest in your business. Marketo helps you in lead scoring and this helps you know how to come up with relevant engagements that boosts your clients interest.

  • Email marketing:

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Marketo helps you send multiple emails to your clients. It also has a feature for sending personalized emails. This helps foster the relationship between you and your clients. With Marketo, you can gauge your email marketing progress from time to time. This helps in keeping you in check.

  • Search engine optimization:

Marketo helps you rank your pages using search engines. This is made possible by the Marketo SEO app. With this feature, your page will rank high by using the correct keywords needed for your type of page.

  • Website personalization:

Marketo helps you personalize your website. This helps you know what content the prospective clients will like to be on your website. It helps in creating website content that relates to your prospects’ way of life.

  • CRM integration:

To have accurate data for your business, you have to connect your applications with a CRM integration Software. Marketo helps in the flow and formation of data from your applications. This aids current and accurate data formation.

  • Social media marketing:

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As the world has gone digital, social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and make easy sales. Marketo helps in integrating your business on social media. This helps in building brand awareness between potential customers. This also serves as a reminder to existing customers.

  • Marketing Calendar:

This helps you plan and execute the plan using one platform. Marketo’s Marketing calendar helps you in planning all your marketing processes and executing them without hassle.

  • Digital advertising:

Marketo helps your business with its digital advertising. It helps you target the relevant audience using relevant contents. With the right digital ads, you stand a chance of converting prospects into customers.

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Marketo’s features are numerous and these features show you if marketo is the right automation software for your business. 

Marketo’s pricing.

Marketo offers monthly subscription plans starting from $895 per month. These plans help you choose the most convenient one for you.

  • Spark plan ($895).

Spark is a one user subscription plan. This plan includes having about 10000 records. It encourages email marketing and SEO. It supports five marketing calendar users and five email insight users. It helps in social media boost and marketing calendar. Spark aids leads management and scoring. It also aids customer engagement, but has communication limits.

  • Standard plan.($1,795)

Standard plan as its name implies, includes all spark plans with its additional standard benefits. These benefits are;

  1. Advancement in lead scoring.
  2. Dynamic content creation.
  3. Marketing program analyser.
  4. A/B testing.
  5. Progressive form profiling.
  6. Revenue cycle modeler and analyser.
  7. Extended integration.
  8. Analyser for marketing program.
  9. A total of  ten sales insight users.
  • Select plan.($3,195)

Looking at its price, we know that the select plan is a pro plan. It has all the features of spark and standard plans combined. It also has its own extra features. These are;

  1. Role based permission.
  2. Advanced email and revenue analytics.
  3. Warehouse for time-series data.
  4. Advancement in custom reports.
  5. Referrals.
  6. A total of 20 insight users.